DIsaster recovery. Data loss prevention. Server room on background.

You can protect your business!

We offer a comprehensive, integrated disaster recovery plan that is reliable, simple, and quick. Our BDR solutions offer a disaster recovery plan that is visible, scalable, and affordable.

Business-critical data, systems, desktops, servers, and the entire infrastructure can be protected and recoverable.

With secure local and cloud-based virtualization solutions, if disaster strikes, your entire infrastructure (physical or virtual) can be virtualized instantly, empowering you to continue your business operations without losing any data, nearly eliminating any costly downtime.

Disasters Can Happen to Anyone 

Disasters can happen to any business at any time and the downtime they cause is truly catastrophic.  Many business that suffer from a true disaster never recover.

Downtime is Inevitable

Over 90% of companies experience some form of downtime, which often results in loss of data, security, productivity, and/or revenue.

Modern interior of server room in datacenter

Rabbit Hole Technology's BDR Solutions:


  • Critical data secured in multiple locations for complete risk reduction
  • Dedicated monitoring & testing of your backups 24/7/365
  • Complete local, virtual and cloud environments, within a single platform